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 What people are saying about
Young at Heart Senior Services.



"I cannot say enough about Jennifer and YAH. I did not know that such a service existed and for my mom whose pride would never let her participate in group activities, having someone come to the house and so easily establish a rapport with my mom was amazing. 
Jennifer very easily assessed who my mom was and picked activities that suited mom's interests. She brought so many options at first and was willing to try them all until she found the one's that mom enjoyed.
Having Alzheimer's is tricky and you never know how the person with the disease will react to any situation. I found Jennifer to be flexible and accommodating to my mom's ever-changing moods and abilities. She treated my mom with dignity and kindness and for that I am forever grateful.
I highly recommend her services."

-Daughter of Client

I have found Jennifer to have an acute sense of awareness of other people’s needs and is especially sensitive to the needs of the elderly and memory-challenged.  Jennifer is very creative and thinks “out of the box”.  While at Sunrise, Jennifer planned a variety of activities and events designed to be mentally stimulating and fun, too – everything from brain games, discussion of current events, to sing-alongs and live concerts. I recommend Jennifer highly – you have found a true gem."


- Daughter of client



"I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the contributions you have made at The Jefferson over the past year.  Your enthusiasm and initiative have led to better lives for those residents you have worked with. You should be very proud of yourself and your contributions. I even recall the State Health Department Surveyor commenting on the excellent programming specifically on your unit."  


- Former Executive Director October 23, 2006


"I am excited to write this review for Young at Heart Senior Services.  Jennifer Havermann has been working/visiting with my mother at her assisted care facility over the past 2 years. My mother looks forward to the hours spent with Jennifer and the activities and time they spend together. Jennifer plans activities, reads with her and makes certain she get up and around walking for exercise.  When possible, Jenn also took my mother to lunch and a movie. It is so comforting to know that my mother is in such trusting and caring hands.  I highly recommend Young at Heart Senior Services for the care of elderly family members in the area of comfort, exercise, and company. Jennifer has been a god send."

- Daughter of client




"I can't thank you enough- really!- for documenting dad's art sessions. Stephani warned me I'd cry when watching and I did! But in a very good way. I'm so grateful to have gotten the referral to you from the Alzheimer's Association and that we are able to have you come work with him. His creations have been an absolute gift to me and very bright lights during a sometimes very dark time for our family.​"

- Daughter of client

"Jennifer always includes notes of praise for other members of the staff and I just wanted you to know how much EVERYONE appreciates her.  I’ve observed her interacting with the residents during various activities and she is always so aware of the resident’s needs and cares about each one individually.  When a resident is confused about why they are at Sunrise, Jennifer provides a gentle, calming explanation.  Jennifer is always upbeat, kind and helpful to all.  On New Year’s Eve, she danced with the residents and made everyone’s evening brighter."


- Heartfelt email to Jennifer’s supervisor January 2014




"Dear Jennifer,


Today is Pearl Harbor Day, a significant day for me, as my Dad was a naval officer in Singapore then, and, without wanting to exaggerate, a significant day for Diane, Grant, and me, because you are leaving us for Beverly Hills.

To say we will miss you is a big understatement.

The World War II gala dinner you staged on September 12th showed us Ulysses Grant Lewis, Jr., as we have never seen him before.  You “unlocked” him, he let loose and he had one of the best times of his life, as did Diane and me with him, and watching him dance with every woman in the room.


On November 17, after your gala, when I was in Sarasota, I saw an article in The Wall street Journal which explained that people in Grant’s situation respond to music they hear from their “era”, which carries them back to that time, and as we saw that evening, enables them to shed their infirmities, and if you will, come back to life at the earlier time. That Grant was able to do that before our eyes was all due to you. It was truly magnificent evening, one I shall never forget. Thank you.


If you need a testimonial, I am here for you. Of course, I’ll also never forget our trip to Abraham Lincoln’s summer home!  But that too is a tribute to your great unfettered initiative.


All good wishes. You have done a magnificent job for us all."


- Heartfelt letter from a family member

December 7, 2009 John

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