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Short Story Sample Schedule for October / November

The next few months we have all of your holidays covered! Finally an educational (and fun) way to celebrate holidays with some cognitive programming. Take some work off your hands and check these out now! Each story is linked for easy purchase on Amazon!

Here’s a sample schedule for October and November.


Week one- Eleanor Roosevelt – Celebrate Eleanor’s birthday on October 11th with a fun story! There is so much to learn about the former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt! For instance, did you know her husband, Franklin, was also her cousin? Your residents will enjoy a trip back in time with this short story! (Observed October 11th)

Week two- History of Halloween – Share with your residents a fascinating story about where our Halloween customs and traditions come from! (Observed October 31st) *Bonus story: Fear of the Dark is another great story for this time of year! Travel through time to when the world was a very dark place and into the present to see just how much change our world and society has undergone

Week three- Halloween Around the World – Travel the globe and discover how different cultures celebrate Halloween! (Observed October 31st)

Week four- Daylight Saving Time – It’s time to adjust our clocks again… but why? Join your residents for a story that dives into the history of this annual upheaval. (Observed November 1st)


Week one- The Right to VoteFinally a fun and neutral way to talk about the election! Explore the history of women getting the right to vote. (Election day is November 3rd) *Bonus story: another neutral way to learn about the election process is our story: Electing a President.

Week two- Veterans Day Honor this very special holiday with a story that honors its history and those who served. Can’t gather to share this story together in a group? No problem! Share this story with all of your residents with your FREE digital copy to print! Just email Jennifer and let her know you are interested (Observed November 11th)

Week three- History of Thanksgiving- Do you know where our Thanksgiving menu comes from? Or how Thanksgiving became a national holiday? You and your residents have so much to learn (or reminisce about)! *Bonus story: Pilgrims this fascinating tale of the history of Pilgrims is a perfect addition to your holiday calendar! (Observed November 26th)

Week four- Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- Get ready for the holiday season with a history of this iconic parade! (Observed November 26th)

Week five- Man’s Desire to Fly or Charles Lindbergh - Celebrate aviation month with either of these fun tales about the history of aviation or one of the world’s most famous aviators! (Observed during the month of November)

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