Short Stories for September & October

Another month has flown by! Still unsure about what the Rediscover & Explore program is? Simply, it is a collection of short stories that takes complicated topics and condenses them into easy to understand books. Each story stands independently. They are designed to provide quality cognitive programming to seniors and take a ton of work off of the desk of over worked activity directors. Want to learn more? Here’s a link to our site: .

Here’s a sample schedule for September and October.


Week one- Labor Day – There’s no better way to honor Labor Day than with a short and easy to understand history of the holiday! (Observed September 7th)

Week two- World War Two Memorial – Honor VJ Day with a story that explores one of the greatest memorials to World War Two. (Observed September 2nd)

Week three- History of Dance – While your residents may not be gathering for a dance, you can still celebrate National Dance Day with a fun story! (Observed September 19th)

Week four- Babe Ruth – Baseball is back in full swing, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a biography of Babe Ruth! Honestly, a rags to riches story that even non-baseball fans will love!


Week one- Eleanor Roosevelt – Celebrate Eleanor’s birthday on October 11th with a fun story! There is so much to learn about the former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt! For instance, did you know her husband, Franklin, was also her cousin? Your residents will enjoy a trip back in time with this short story! (Observed October 11th)

Week two- History of Halloween – Share with your residents a fascinating story about where our Halloween customs and traditions come from! (Observed October 31st) *Bonus story: Fear of the Dark is another great story for this time of year! Travel through time to when the world was a very dark place and into the present to see just how much change our world and society has undergone

Week three- Halloween Around the World – travel the globe and discover how different cultures celebrate Halloween! (Observed October 31st)

Week four- Daylight Saving Time – It’s time to adjust our clocks again… but why? Join your residents for a story that dives into the history of this annual upheaval. (Observed November 1st)

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