Short Stories Schedule for August & September

Here’s a sample schedule for August and September.


Week one- The Triple Crown – Although the schedule got rearranged this year, don’t miss out on the fun that can be had in watching these races! Let this story remind and inform any who aren’t familiar with the history of the three races that make up the Triple Crown. (*2020 Schedule: Race 1, Belmont Stakes: June 20th, Race 2, Kentucky Derby: September 5th, Race 3, Preakness Stakes: October 3rd)

Week two- The Beauty of Elephants – Celebrate World Elephant Day with a story that explores the true beauty and the lesser known traits of elephants. (Observed August 12th)

Week three- Right vs. Left – Celebrate Southpaw day with a story all about the differences between left-handed and right-handed people. (Observed August 13th)

Week four- Electing a President – Find a non-partisan way to talk about the national conventions with an easy to understand break-down of the election process. (National conventions are currently scheduled to be held between August 17th-24th)

Week fiveEvolution of Bicycles – Celebrate the Tour de France with a fascinating story that traces the history of the invention of the bike! (Tour de France August 29th – September 20th)


Week one- Labor Day – There’s no better way to honor Labor Day than with a short and easy to understand history of the holiday! (Observed September 7th)

Week two- World War Two Memorial – Honor VJ Day with a story that explores one of the greatest memorials to World War Two. (Observed September 2nd)

Week three- History of Dance – While your residents may not be gathering for a dance, you can still celebrate National Dance Day with a fun story! (Observed September 19th)

Week four- Babe Ruth – Baseball is back in full swing, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a biography of Babe Ruth! Honestly, a rags to riches story that even non-baseball fans will love!

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