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Celebrating Nurses week – through Programming with a Purpose

Shalom Garden & Young at Heart Celebrate Nurses Week at Beverly Hills Rehab


I have the honor of working with the residents of Shalom Garden once a week. Shalom Garden is a board and care nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, adjacent to Cedars Sinai. One of several communities under the direction of Rita Sher. This year the generous residents at Shalom Garden created pins from scratch for the dedicated nurses at Beverly Hills Rehab to wear during Nurses Week. Each week the residents worked on a different phase of the project, from cutting the pins out of paper, to painting, to shellacking and gluing them together, there wasn’t a step they weren’t a part of.

Congratulations ladies! Your pins were appreciated by ALL of the nurses!

Click HERE to check out the residents at Shalom Garden doing other fun activities! Learn more about Shalom Garden by clicking HERE.

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