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Senior Services in Los Angeles Recieve a Face-Lift

If you’re not yet familiar with Young at Heart Senior Services, or founder Jennifer Havermann (me!), then today is your lucky day! I have given in-home services available to seniors in Los Angeles, a face lift by providing programming opportunities that have never been offered at this level. What’s the catch? I’m a one woman show and if you haven’t already booked my services, you may have to get on the waiting list.

As your loved ones age, your options really boil down into two categories: help them find a new life in a retirement home or stay at home (with modifications). Both options prove to have a plethora of advantages and disadvantages. Often these decisions are prompted due to changes in your loved one’s health/ mental condition and safety concerns; and suddenly you face decisions you never dreamed of. The good news is: there are more options and resources available now, than ever before! The challenging part is: finding the right services.


I partner with families, in-home caregivers and even retirement communities to provide a few hours of programming based on their individual needs. Since I am the owner AND in-home program service provider – you can rest assured that a trained professional will be working with your loved one every time.

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